Tengah’s master plan stands out for its dedication to promoting sustainable living. The town at Novo Place will pioneer the implementation of a large car-free town center, located underground to allow for more surface space to be utilized for communal activities and green areas. This innovative approach not only decreases carbon emissions but also encourages residents to adopt healthier lifestyles by embracing walking, cycling, and personal mobility devices.

Tengah’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond transportation, with the incorporation of various eco-friendly elements such as rainwater harvesting and solar panels throughout the town. Ultimately, Tengah’s vision is to create a self-sufficient and environmentally-conscious community.

Moreover, with the Tengah Forest Town Master Plan’s focus on community building, residents of Novo Place Hoi Hup can benefit from various community activities and events, fostering a strong and close-knit community.

For those looking for a more upscale experience, 112 Katong is the go-to destination. This stylish mall boasts a mix of high-end fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands. It also has a cinema, plenty of dining options, and a supermarket for everyday needs. The mall’s unique mix of specialty stores, coupled with its signature Peranakan-inspired architecture, makes it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Parktown Residences, a highly anticipated integrated condominium project, stands tall in the bustling district of Tampines North. Developed by a formidable partnership between UOL Group, CapitaLand, and Singapore Land (SingLand), this development is poised to elevate the urban living experience in the coveted District 18. Its prime location near major expressways and an expanding public transportation system guarantees effortless connectivity for its residents. With a multitude of top-notch amenities, exceptional architecture, and impeccable facilities, Parktown Residences sets a new standard for contemporary living. Moreover, the project’s dedication to promoting a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle solidifies its position as a pioneering development for future generations. Evidently, Parktown Residences epitomizes opulent and modern living, making it the ultimate choice for discerning homeowners.
Tampines North MRT Station, part of the upcoming Cross Island Line, is set to become a major transportation hub in the eastern region of Singapore. As with all other MRT stations in the country, Tampines North MRT Station is designed to provide commuters with a quick and efficient mode of public transportation.

In addition, the nearby Bedok Reservoir Park offers a range of outdoor activities, such as water sports and cycling, providing a perfect weekend retreat for families and nature lovers. For those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, the Pasir Ris Park is just a short drive away, offering a tranquil beach and scenic views.

One unique feature of Parktown Residences is its integration of green spaces within the development. The landscaped gardens and greenery provide a tranquil and serene environment for residents to relax and unwind. The beautifully crafted nature trails and outdoor fitness zones also promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the residents. This blending of nature and urban living is what sets Parktown Residences apart from other developments in the area.

Apart from shopping, these malls also offer a variety of entertainment options. From bowling alleys and arcade games to movie screenings and live performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Emerald of Katong. This makes them popular hangout spots for friends and families, especially during the weekends.

With the addition of the luxurious Emerald of Katong Condo to the neighborhood, residents now have effortless access to these shopping havens. This premier development offers top-of-the-line facilities and a prime location, making it an ideal choice for those who desire a lavish lifestyle. With a wide range of units and exclusive amenities, including a sky terrace with stunning views, the Emerald of Katong Condo truly embodies the essence of urban living.

Emerald of Katong Condo, a renowned residential development located in the bustling Katong district, captures the essence of opulent living intertwined with the allure of Singapore’s diverse cultural fabric. This exclusive condominium is not only applauded for its lavish facilities and stunning architecture, but also for its exceptional position, providing residents with an unparalleled lifestyle enriched by an abundance of retail destinations and a diverse selection of mouth-watering cuisines.

Roxy Pacific Holdings, the developer behind Bagnall Haus, understands the importance of location and connectivity in enhancing the quality of life for its residents. With this in mind, they have chosen to build Bagnall Haus in an area that is set to become a major transportation hub. This aligns with the company’s commitment to creating developments that cater to the needs and preferences of the local community.

With the addition of Bagnall Haus, the Bedok South area is poised for growth and development. The convenience provided by the nearby MRT interchange and integrated transport hub will attract more businesses and amenities, making it an even more attractive place to live and work. Residents of Bagnall Haus can look forward to a bustling and vibrant neighborhood, complete with a wide range of amenities and services at their doorstep.

The URA has unveiled plans to revitalize the streetscape of Katong in Singapore, with a focus on creating a more welcoming and visually appealing neighborhood. This will involve various measures such as enhancing public spaces, preserving historical structures, and incorporating green elements into the urban landscape. For residents of Emerald of Katong Condo, these improvements will result in a more delightful and dynamic living experience. Additionally, the URA’s efforts to safeguard the architectural legacy of Katong will maintain its original charm, which is a major attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

Park Hill, a new development in the Beauty World precinct, is poised to offer 160 residential units complete with shared amenities. The developers have set their sights on creating a vibrant “cosmopolitan village lifestyle,” catering to both young families and investors alike. Their vision for Park Hill is to seamlessly blend into the existing village-like atmosphere, adding to the ongoing gentrification and evolution of the area. With the natural surroundings of Park Hill, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience of a modern development and the charm of a traditional neighborhood community. This unique living experience is sure to attract a diverse range of individuals to this exciting new development. Keep an eye out for Park Hill, as it promises to be a desirable addition to the already thriving Beauty World precinct.

Nestled in a peaceful environment, Bukit Timah boasts of excellent connectivity for its residents. With well-developed expressways and major roads, along with nearby MRT stations such as Beauty World MRT and King Albert Park MRT, getting around Singapore is a breeze. This advantageous location allows Park Hill residents to relish the serene atmosphere of Bukit Timah while staying seamlessly linked to the bustling cityscape.

Situated along the prime stretch of Tanjong Rhu Road, Arina East Residences is more than just a tranquil residential oasis. It is also a highly sought-after address for families who place great importance on education. This prestigious development boasts a convenient location surrounded by a diverse range of top-tier educational institutions, from preschools to tertiary institutions, ensuring that every student’s academic and developmental needs are well taken care of.

Ideal for families with young children, Arina East Residences is in close proximity to several reputed preschools, providing a strong foundation for early education. These include well-renowned names such as My First Skool, Etonhouse Pre-School and Bright Juniors, all within a short distance from the development. Parents can rest assured that their little ones will receive quality education in a nurturing environment.

Families with school-going children will also find Arina East Residences an ideal home. Within a 10-minute drive, they can easily reach prestigious primary and secondary schools like Tanjong Katong Primary School, Chung Cheng High School (Main) and Dunman High School. These schools have established a strong track record of academic excellence and are highly sought after by parents.

The area around One Sophia Condo provides an unparalleled blend of the old and the new. Not only are you able to explore Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage and delve into its historical districts, but you can also experience its modernity and the vibrancy of its CBD. The Dhoby Ghaut MRT naturally provides easy access to all of Singapore’s entertainment and retail hubs, and the range of other transport options means that you can conveniently reach any destination in the city. Living in One Sophia Condo allows residents to experience both Singapore’s past and its present.

One benefit of living in One Sophia Condo is its nearness to high-caliber primary and secondary schools, giving access to quality education in a favourable learning atmosphere. Residents can easily walk to St. Margaret’s Primary School, which is well-known for its comprehensive educational philosophy and is greatly desired by parents. One Sophia Dhoby Ghaut MRT is also close by, so commuting is convenient and effortless.

Plans for transforming Lentor are also in the works, with healthcare facilities being included to guarantee that local inhabitants can get fast and convenient access to health services. Furthermore, wellness centers and sports complexes are being considered to offer a complete approach to health and wellness.

The convenience of Lentor Mansion is further bolstered by its access to public transportation, such as the Lentor MRT Station located a mere 6 minutes away on foot. The surrounding neighbourhood is also well-supplied with bus services and numerous amenities. For those who value flexibility and convenience in their day to day travel, Lentor Mansion is the ideal choice. Its proximity to a multitude of expressways, arterial roads, and public transportation make it one of the most sought after areas for city-dwellers who require quick and reliable access into and out of Singapore. Further, the park provides a convenient getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Situated not far from Lentor Mansion, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park offers a tranquil escape to those looking to immerse themselves in nature. This lush park with its abundances of mature secondary forest and rich biodiversity is an oasis for wildlife watchers and nature lovers. Encircling the serene reservoir, the walking trails are a welcome respite from the heat, with the tall trees providing a cool, shaded environment that is both calming and reflective. Visitors can take in the peaceful atmosphere, do some bird watching or indulge in a pleasant photo walk through the park. With its proximity to the city, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park also serves as a convenient getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

It also offers a range of student-centric programmes and activities to meet the learning needs of every student. The school is conveniently located near the Jalan Loyang Besar Residences, making it a great option for families living in the area. Pasir Ris Primary School provides a comprehensive education that promotes academic excellence as well as character development. Students will benefit from its various student-centric programmes and activities that cater to the needs of every learner. With its close proximity to Jalan Loyang Besar Residences, parents can easily drop off and pick up their kids from the school. Pasir Ris Primary School is an ideal choice for families living near Jalan Loyang Besar Residences, as it offers a comprehensive and holistic education approach that focuses on both academic excellence and character development. It provides student-centric programmes and activities to meet the learning needs of each student, and its convenient location makes it a great option for families living in the area.

Changi City Point: Changi City Point is another popular shopping mall for Jalan Loyang Besar EC residents. It offers a range of dining options and retail outlets for shoppers. From fashion, electronics, food, and other services, Changi City Point has something for everyone. The mall also features a range of entertainment options, from an interactive playground for kids to a movie theater. Jalan Loyang Besar Residences are convenient for its residents due to its close proximity to these two shopping malls. White Sands Mall and Changi City Point offer a wide variety of stores and services to meet the needs and preferences of residents. These shopping malls are great places to shop, dine, and find entertainment. With its convenient location and variety of services, Jalan Loyang Besar Residences is an ideal place to live.

Elias Park Primary School is renowned for its nurturing environment and commitment to quality education. This school is a great option for younger children as it focuses on holistic development, including instilling core values such as resilience, empathy and respect. It fosters critical thinking and an exploratory spirit while also providing strong social-emotional support to its students. Conveniently located near Jalan Loyang Besar Residences, this premier educational establishment has everything families need to help their children succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. With its innovative teaching methods and focus on character development, this school ensures a safe and conducive atmosphere in which children can learn and grow. Highly recommended by local families, Elias Park Primary School is the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality education for their children.

For instance, one of the upcoming business nodes, Pasir Ris One, is located just a few minutes’ drive from Jalan Loyang Besar Residences. Pasir Ris is a desirable residential area for its proximity to many facilities. Shopping centers such as White Sands, Downtown East and Tampines Mall are within easy reach from Jalan Loyang Besar Residences EC. This brings a variety of convenience to residents, in addition to retail and lifestyle experiences. The close proximity to these shopping centers also brings positive effects on the economic value of Jalan Loyang Besar Residences EC. Properties with nearby retail hubs typically enjoy higher demand and, consequently, better value appreciation over time. Pasir Ris is set to become an even more desirable locale, with a number of developments in the pipeline. Pasir Ris One, one of the upcoming business nodes, is located just a few minutes from Jalan Loyang Besar EC. With modernization of public transportation and other amenities, the living experience and convenience for residents are set to be significantly enhanced.

The Orchard Boulevard MRT Station is also located nearby giving easy access to the populous destination of shopping. Moreover, this MRT station plays a significant part in the lives of the residents as it gives them easy access to all areas around the nation. Furthermore, the Orchard Boulevard Condo GLS Tender is also located surrounded by other facilities such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, medical centers, educational institutions and cultural centers among other amenities.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo GLS Tender provides a perfect combination of a lavish and luxurious lifestyle with convenience and accessibility. The residents of the condominium are able to have access to the world-class shopping amenities right at their doorstep. Plus, they are able to enjoy the convenience and ease of access to the Orchard Boulevard MRT Station that provide easy access to any location in Singapore.

For many years, the Holland Road Shopping Centre at Holland Drive Condo has been a beloved landmark of the neighborhood. This mall is known for its distinctive architecture, eclectic mix of stores, and vibrant atmosphere. Its many shops offer an array of products and services, from the latest fashion trends to appliances and home décor. With more than 70 different stores, Holland Road Shopping Centre at Holland Drive Residences is one of the most recognizable shopping destinations in Singapore.

Your condo needs to be in excellent shape to attract the right kind of tenant. This could mean more than just a thorough cleaning; you might need to fix any lingering issues, update outdated fixtures, or even invest in some low-cost upgrades like a fresh coat of paint or new kitchen appliances. Be mindful of your budget and focus on changes that could potentially increase your property’s market value or rental price.

The URA has proposed a major shift in the form of thematic precincts within Orchard Road. Offering a diverse range of experiences to visitors and locals, these precincts will be distinct in character and offerings. Arts and culture zones are set to feature local and international displays while family-friendly zones will feature interactive parks and installations. The aim of this transformation is to make Orchard Road attractive to a wide array of people – from shopaholics to art connoisseurs, families, and those looking for leisure and relaxation.Shopping enthusiasts will find Takashimaya Shopping Centre an attractive proposition, with its mix of international brands, and a range of Japanese products.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences is conveniently situated in close proximity to the iconic ArtScience Museum, allowing its residents to quickly access its breath-taking exhibitions. Combining elements from the realms of art, science, and technology, the museum is a must-visit for those who seek to experience new cultures. It provides a unique offering of both innovative and traditional art that enthralls visitors of all ages.

Residents in close proximity to the ArtScience Museum have the benefit of being able to quickly access exhibitions that combine elements from the realms of art, science, and technology. Its iconic lotus-shape structure is a sight to behold and provides a meeting place for those who appreciate culture.

Positioned just a few kilometers away from Upper Thomson Road Condo, the Australian International School is the perfect choice for students from preschool to Year 12. It offers an international education, embracing the Australian Curriculum and International Baccalaureate, open to students of all nationalities.

Residents of Upper Thomson Road Condo are fortunate to be able to take a short drive or a pleasant stroll to Orchard Road – Singapore’s shopping paradise. This is where they can discover the multitude of luxurious malls, such as ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, and Paragon, and be a part of a world-class shopping experience.

Upper Thomson Road Condo presents a comprehensive selection of amenities tailored to enhancing its occupants’ lifestyles. A 50-meter lap pool provides a recreation area for a much-needed break from the urban frenzy. The state-of-the-art gym enables regular exercise. A modern BBQ area and a plush function room are ideal for entertaining guests. Kids can make the most of the play area, while adults can find solace in the reading room.

Residents of Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Condo can enjoy a unique living experience in a neighbourhood that seamlessly blends heritage and modernity. This is thanks to plans by the URA Master Plan to restore and repurpose the area’s older buildings and landmarks, giving them a new lease of life. Toa Payoh is one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates, and its importance in preserving the country’s rich heritage is recognised. That’s why this neighbourhood offers a community with a distinct sense of identity and history, whilst also being furnished with modern amenities and infrastructure.

Residents of Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Condo will be able to reap the benefits of the URA Master Plan which will bring more commercial and retail offerings to the Toa Payoh Town. This will provide them with a more convenient array of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices that are just a short walk away. Additionally, the area’s job opportunities may be increased, providing residents with the benefit of a shorter commute to work.

A focal point of the URA Master Plan is the encouragement of a green and eco-friendly living atmosphere. In order to accomplish this, there are plans to create more parks and green areas, in addition to revamping existing ones. The proximity to nature that Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Condo residents will experience will bring multiple advantages, including improved mental health and expanded options for recreational activities. Furthermore, having green spaces nearby raises the value of housing in the neighbourhood, making it a profitable decision for owners.

For those who prefer to drive, Tampines Ave 11 Condo boasts great connectivity. Its prime location offers easy access to a variety of essential expressways, providing smooth and fast transportation across the city. Residents will benefit from the close proximity to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Tampines Expressway (TPE), and Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE), offering easy access to many other parts of Singapore. This efficient transport system makes it easy for residents of Tampines Ave 11 Condo to commute to work or enjoy leisure activities.

The PIE (Pan Island Expressway) offers superb connectivity to Singapore’s CBD (Central Business District), while the TPE (Tampines Expressway) and KPE (Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway) provide direct links to the northern and central regions of the island respectively. This makes it easy for those who are commuting for work or simply wanting to travel around the area, as the expressways offer unbeatable convenience.

Families living around Tampines Ave 11 Condo who are on the lookout for quality preschools for their young children will be pleased to know that there are a couple of noteworthy options available. PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Sparkletots Preschool and My First Skool are two popular establishments with enriching early learning programmes that are designed to awaken children’s curiosity and help to lay a strong platform for future learning.

The Hillhaven Condo located at Hillview Rise was successfully acquired in a tender to the highest bidders by Far East Civil Engineering (Pte.) Limited and Sekisui House, Ltd. This announcement was made by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), who put the site up for tender on August 31, 2022, with the process ending on November 3, 2022. The winning bidders secured a 99-year lease agreement for the site.

This acquisition represents a significant opportunity for Far East Organization and Sekisui House to craft an extraordinary residential development within the prestigious Hillview vicinity. With its location in a lush green setting and array of contemporary amenities, Hillhaven Condo Estate offers a unique blend of peaceful living and convenience in Singapore. Hillview is a sought-after residential area due to its distinct characteristics, which include proximity to nature, excellent transport connectivity, renowned educational establishments, and a diverse range of lifestyle amenities.

Living the luxurious life at Champions Way Woodlands Condo is a dream for many. Situated in the heart of Woodlands, Texas, this modern condominium development offers a unique mix of convenience, comfort and style. The area is also conveniently located near many transportation options, making it easy for residents to get around the city. Whether you are looking for a quick ride to the mall or a longer journey to a nearby city, there are plenty of transportation options nearby Champions Way Woodlands Condo.

The closest transportation option to Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the Woodlands Mall Light Rail Station. This station is part of the Houston Metro rail system and provides easy access to downtown Houston, as well as other popular destinations in the city. The Light Rail is an easy and affordable way to get around the city, and it is only a short walk from the condo.

If you are looking for a more convenient way to get around, you may want to consider using ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. These services are available throughout the area and can provide a convenient way to get around without having to worry about parking or traffic. Riders can easily Champions Way Condo request a ride from their smartphone, and the service will pick them up at their location and drop them off wherever they need to go.

For those who prefer to ride a bike, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is also conveniently located near a number of bike paths. The Houston Bike Paths offers miles of bike trails that run throughout the city, and most of these trails are located just a few minutes away from the condo. These trails provide a great way to explore the city on two wheels, and they are a great way to stay active and healthy.

Tengah Plantation Loop EC is a residential estate in Singapore that is surrounded by lush greenery and nature. This estate has a number of amenities and activities that residents can enjoy, such as a jogging track, playground, and cycling track. It is also home to the Tengah Central Park, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful stroll or picnic.

One of the best features of the estate is its proximity to a variety of transport options. Whether you need to travel for work or leisure, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Here are some of the transport options near Tengah Plantation Loop EC.

These are just some of the transport options near Tengah Plantation Loop EC. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect way to get around the estate. So why not take a chance and explore the area? An exciting adventure awaits you!

There is a growing demand for ECs in Singapore. The median price of an EC in Rivercove Residences was $973 psf in Q2 2018 and is expected to increase to $1,143 psf by Q1 2021. The median EC price in Hundred Palms Residences was $843 psf in Q3 2017.

This may be attributed to a range of factors. For one, ECs are cheaper than HDB flats. In addition, ECs are rarely oversubscribed during a ballot exercise. Furthermore, ECs can be more profitable after 10 years because they come with lower land cost. Furthermore, buyers can avail a higher loan quantum with ECs than HDB flats.

Another factor is the demand for bigger units. Many ECs are dual-key units, which give buyers the option to sublet a portion of their unit. This means that the buyer will be able to generate rental income from a large unit, and this could make it an attractive purchase for some buyers.

Tengah EC is a new executive condominium development by Taurus Properties. It is located near the city center and is designed with smart condominiums and many green features. This new development will provide residents with convenient access to the city center. This project has a variety of features, including a golf course and a mini golf course.

The first executive condominium in Singapore, Tengah EC is a mixed-use development with a focus on nature and community. With its pristine greenery and abundant recreational facilities, Tengah EC will offer an entirely new way to live and work. The development will have a park district with lush landscaping and a tree-lined forest corridor that will serve as a community hub.

The design and layout of Senja Close EC are exceptional, and the community offers residents the best in contemporary living. The building’s location is perfect for commuters, as it sits above a shopping mall and includes an integrated bus interchange, retail units, and amenities. In addition, the project is located in a hilly enclave surrounded by a nature reserve. If you are looking for the perfect new home, Senja Close EC will definitely meet your needs.

The development is conveniently located near several malls. Nearby shopping centers include Bukit Panjang Plaza, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, and Limbang Shopping Centre. The latter has many eateries, boutiques, and shops to keep you busy. It is also connected to the city via expressways and major arterial roads. The area is also home to the popular Jurong East shopping complex, which is just 25 minutes’ drive away.

A new residential development is coming to the heart of Bukit Batok, near the MRT Station, called Bukit Batok EC. This new development will be a hybrid of public and private development, with a total GFA of 37,348 square meters and up to 375 units. The estate is set to serve an assortment of buyers, including those who are looking for an affordable home near a convenient MRT station.

Located in the west of Singapore, Bukit Batok EC is just three-minutes away from the MRT station. It features a good mix of amenities, including a small shopping mall and hawker centres. As a result, the location is convenient for commuters, though it will require you to factor in parking. The EC is located next to Bukit Batok Hillside Park, a future site for a high-rise residential development.

The Panorama is a new and upcoming housing located in the Ang Mo Kio area, nested right in the Ang Mo Kio area. It is just next to the upcoming Mayflower MRT on the Downtownline and within a short drive to Little India, Orchard and city area. With expected completion in mid 2017, it comprises of  TBA units in total with TBA Blocks and TBA storeys. Future residents are within a short driving distance to Ang Ko Kio Hub and Compass Point. With such a short drive to the city area as well as the orchard and bugis area, entertainment for your love ones and family will come at a stone’s throw away from Sol Acres.

The latest news is that the URA and HDB have released a public tender for the Bukit Batok EC. This is the first executive condominium project in Singapore, and will be a mixed-use community with various amenities. With a minimum bid price of $3.75 billion, the Bukit Batok EC market is expected to be healthy for the next few years. With this new project, the URA and HDB hope to attract investors and residents with affordable housing near the MRT and Jurong East Shopping Centre.

The Bukit Batok EC is expected to attract a number of bidders, mainly HDB upgraders. Since private housing in the area is limited, the project is expected to attract at least ten bidders. The highest bidder will pay between $630 and $663 per square foot for a mid-sized parcel. The average bid price for a mid-sized plot ratio is $241.2 million.

Located within a few minutes’ walk of a MRT station, Bukit Batok EC offers a convenient location for commuters and buyers looking for an upgrade from HDB housing. Commuters will also appreciate the nearby amenities, including hawker centres and a small shopping mall. In addition, Bukit Batok EC is surrounded by a bus interchange and is close to various amenities and transport links.

The Bukit Batok EC site is located near the Jurong East Shopping Centre and the Bukit Batok MRT station. The development site will have a mix of residential and commercial uses and will offer eight executive condominium units. The site is surrounded by prime commercial and residential properties. The new executive condominiums will provide residents with the conveniences of an apartment while being located in an established estate.

The new Bukit Batok EC, near Le Quest Mall and Jurong East Shopping Centre, has just been put out to tender. This is the first private residential development in the vicinity, with a GFA of 37,348 square meters and up to 375 units. The neighbourhood has been lacking private housing since the launch of Le Quest last year. However, the new EC will bring much-needed private housing to the area, and it will likely be a hot property once it launches in August. This development will attract HDB upgraders and may be a good investment for homebuyers.

The Panorama has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, children’s playground, swimming pool, piano room, pool room, indoor gym, hydrotherapy beds, hydrotherapy baths, reading room, function room, onsen, jacuzzi Choa Chu Kang.

The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of Ang Mo Kio. Please see more information with regards to Uptown @ Farrer. The development is located near to many shopping centres and Farrer Park MRT Station. Uptown at Farrer is a development by Low Keng Huat Singapore Limited.

Several buses are available near along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 and Yio Chu Kang Road along with shopping centers and restaurants. The Panorama is also near to Nex Shopping Centre as well as the buzzling Toa Payoh area. Entertainment for your loved ones and friends is therefore at your fingertips with the full condo facilities as well as the amenities around Ang Mo Kio.

The Panorama will be accessible via public transport along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. Commuting to Toa Payoh and Paya Lebar area as well as the city area is therefore very convenient. It is also near to many eateries along the Upper Serangoon area as well as NEX shopping mall.

The Panorama is also near elite schools such as Chatsworth International School and Lycee Francais De Singapour. Nanyang Polytechnic and Anderson Secondary School are also around in the area.

For vehicle owners, it takes less than 20 minutes to drive to the business hub and vibrant Orchard Road shopping district, via Central Expressway (CTE). The latest development will be Midwood Condo which is located near to Dairy Farm Nature Reserve Park. Midwood is a new development near to Dempsey Hill by Hong Leong Holdings.

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you. Please see The Panorama project details and floor plans for more information.